Defense Base Act Claims
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THE DEFENSE BASE ACT (DBA) is a federal workers’ compensation law which covers injuries, occupational illness, and deaths of civilian workers who are employed by companies overseas on a military base or who are working on public projects overseas under contract with the Department of Defense or any of its agencies.

Overseas Civilian Workers

In Iraq and Afghanistan, many companies, including such examples as Triple Canopy, ITT, Dyncorp, Kellogg, Brown & Root (KBR), have been contracted by the U. S. Government, which means that their workers are often placed in harm’s way.

In other areas of the world, workers are hired to build United States embassies and other U. S. government buildings in foreign countries from England to the Soviet Union and Asia. US military forces are in service around the world in Japan, Korea, Germany, Italy, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Panama, Turkey, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Guam and many other countries. This means that whenever and wherever civilian contractors are contracted to aid in the mission of the United States government, whether there is an associated military presence or not, their employees risk the possibility of on the job injuries, and require help under the Defense Base Act.

Representing Injured Civilian Workers

With thirty years of compensation claims experience our practice has grown in the representation of employees of American companies that conduct the business of the US Government overseas. We currently represent numerous workers (See our Case History Section) from around the United States and are pursuing their cases which have risen due to a variety of injuries, from head, back, neck, arm, shoulder, hand, knee and/or leg and foot injuries, as well as psychiatric injuries such as post-traumatic stress disorder . Among our cases are gunshot wounds that produced catastrophic injury and even death. We believe in our ability to help Defense Base Act claimants or their families in filing a claim and securing proper workers’ compensation benefits due under the Defense Base Act, which is a federal workers’ compensation law covering such injuries.

DBACT Attorneys
Defense Base Act Attorneys

Our firm requires no up front attorney fees for DBA cases and the Defense Based Act itself requires all lawyer fees to be approved. Our attorney fee is contingent based and will only be owed if we are able to win and collect funds for you, which means that any injured worker can afford to retain his or her own lawyer!

If you have a Defense Base Act case or believe you may be eligible for benefits as a result of an overseas (nonmilitary) injury and would like to speak to us, please complete the help inquiry form on this web site.

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